5 Vineyards In Maharashtra You Should Visit This Winter

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

1. Fratelli Vineyards Fratelli Vineyards is located in Akluj, Maharashtra. It is 318 km away from Mumbai and 182 km away from Pune. 

Image Courtesy: Fratelli Vineyards

2. Four Seasons Winery  Four Seasons Winery is located in the Daund Taluka of Pune District. It is 221 km away from Mumbai but 74.2 km away from Pune. 

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

3. Sula Vineyards Sula Vineyards is located in the Govardhan village in Nashik. It is 226 km away from Pune and 171 km away Mumbai. 

Image Courtesy: Sula Vineyards

4. Vallonne Vineyards Vallonne Vineyards is near Sanjegaon in Igatpuri. It is 239 km away from Pune and 153 km from Mumbai.

Image Courtesy: Vallonne Vineyards

5. Soma Vine Village Soma Vine Village is located in the Ganghavare Village of Maharashtra. It is 229 km away from Pune but 174 km away from Mumbai. 

Image Courtesy: Soma Vine Village