5 Ways To Catch A Glimpse Of Pink Moon In Dubai Tonight!

What Is Pink Moon?

The Pink Moon is a term used to describe the full moon that appears in April.

This astronomical event, marking the change of seasons and coinciding with the spring equinox, promises to captivate viewers with its radiant presence.


Sip under the pink moon at the Frenia rooftop lounge on the Palm, where 12 curated looks and zodiac-themed refreshments await, all while admiring the celestial display.

1. Visit A Rooftop Lounge

Rayya Wellness invites you to join a pink moon yoga session followed by a mindful tea ceremony.

2. Pink full moon yoga session

Pack your telescope and head to the nearby desert for a better and peaceful view of the pink moon. 

3. Moongazing In The Desert

Secure a reservation at the Palm to witness the sun bid adieu on one horizon, followed by the enchanting arrival of the pink moon on the opposite side. 

4. From The View

Visit the Kite Beach for evening dip and enjoy watching the Pink Moon rise in the sky. 

5. Float & Watch

Despite its moniker, the pink moon's hue is not pink but signifies the blossoming of spring flowers.

The Name Game

Embrace the beauty of nature's renewal as the pink moon graces Dubai's skies, offering a glimpse of the cyclical wonders of the universe.