5 Wildlife Places To Head To Near Hampi

All  Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Wildlife In Hampi

Hampi is surrounded by rich biodiversity and offers several opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts.

Away From History?

Exploring these areas will not only offer a glimpse into the region's diverse wildlife but also provide a refreshing break from the historical sites of Hampi.

Where To Go?

Here are some wildlife places near Hampi that you might want to explore:

1. Daroji Bear Sanctuary

Daroji Bear Sanctuary is home to the Indian sloth bear.

2. Tungabhadra Dam & Reservoir

The Tungabhadra Dam and its reservoir attract a variety of bird species, especially during the winter months

3.  Ankasamudra Bird Sanctuary

Devotees of birdwatching may journey to the Ankasamudra Bird Sanctuary, situated roughly 50 km distant.

4. Anegundi

Just across the Tungabhadra River from Hampi lies Anegundi, a rural village surrounded by rocky hills and lush greenery. It's known for its diverse birdlife

5. Hampi's Surrounding Forests

Patient wildlife spotters can even get lucky with leopards prowling around gigantic boulders of the rugged countryside

So, have you been to any of these places?