6 Best Eateries On The Delhi-Jaipur Highway To Explore On Your Next Road Trip

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Treat your taste buds right!

If you’re travelling from Delhi to Jaipur or the other way around, then do check out these six awesome eateries to treat your taste buds right.

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1. Old Rao Dhaba

Perhaps the most famous name, Old Rao Dhaba is your safest bet to eat good and delicious food on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. Cost For Two: ₹300

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2. Highway Diaries

If you’re in the mood for some good vibes and food, then take a pit stop at Highway Diaries on your way to Jaipur. Cost For Two: ₹950

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3. Basant Dhaba

If you wish to hog on some piping hot paratha and North India grub, then park your cars at this restaurant. Cost For Two: ₹500

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4. Hotel Highway King

Another popular pitstop for travellers on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, Hotel Highway King never disappoints when it comes to food quality and quantity. Cost For Two: ₹800

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5. Shree Neelkanth Punjabi Dhaba

If you’re craving some delicious dal makhani, paneer, and naan, then Shree Neelkanth Punjabi Dhaba is just the place for you! Cost For Two: ₹500

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6. Mannat Dhaba

If you don’t want to compromise on the quantity and quality of your food, then drop by Mannat Dhaba while driving to and fro Delhi and Jaipur. Cost For Two: ₹800

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For The Love Of Food!

Food is a vital part of every road trip, so make sure you have the best time at these amazing places while you’re travelling on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway!

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