6 Bookstores To Visit In The Himalayas For Picturesque Reading

All Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Reading In The Himalayas

Visiting bookstores in the Himalayas can be a delightful experience, combining the love for reading with the breathtaking beauty of the mountains.

Which Ones?

Here are some picturesque bookstores you might want to consider visiting in the Himalayas:

1. Bookworm, McLeodganj

Located in McLeod Ganj, near Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, this cozy bookstore offers a wide selection of both new and second-hand books

2. Rachna Bookhouse, Gangtok

This family-run establishment boasts a finely curated collection and frequently holds events involving local artists, writers, and musicians.

3. Tusita Bookstore, Old Manali

Tusita Bookstore, located in the scenic Old Manali, provides a comfortable retreat for book enthusiasts.

4. Good Books, Gangtok

Another gem in Gangtok is Good Books, which sells a lovely assortment of books as well as beautiful souvenirs and handicrafts.

5. Cambridge Book Depot, Mussoorie

The Cambridge Book Depot is a must-see attraction in Mussoorie, steeped in history and charm.

6. Maria Brothers, Shimla

This old bookstore, hidden away on Mall Road in Shimla, is a haven for bookworms and vacationers alike.

So, have you visited any of these bookstores before?