6 Food Choices To Avoid If Wanna Get Rid Of Your Nightmares

Nightmares simply mean bad dreams like being chased by a demon or a ghost or falling off a cliff, etc. 

But one can easily get rid of them if they stop consuming certain food or drink items before sleeping. 

1. Alcohol Drinking alcohol before sleep can play with your sleep patterns and increase the chances of nightmares. 

2. Sugary Food items Food stuffs that are high on sugary levels can actually bring a rise in your blood sugar levels and make u restless leading to nightmares. 

3. Spicy food Spicy food can increase the temperature of your body leading to bad dreams. 

4. Cheese and dairy Avoid eating cheese or basically dairy products before sleeping as they are known to be influential. 

5. Coffee If you have a habit of drinking coffee before bed, you might be prone to bad dreams. 

6. Oily Food French fries, pakoras, chips and other oil stuff can lead to disruptive sleep and then nightmares.

Anything and everything that can lead to restlessness or disruptive sleep should be avoided! Goodnight! Sweet Dreams!