6 Healthy Amla Recipes You Must-Try

Amla is a fantastic source of vitamin C and polyphenols, which are antioxidants that are thought to fight and shield the body from free radicals that cause cancer.


It can also assist address the root cause of many health issues and balance the body's three doshas—pitta, kapha, and vata.


Craving sweets? Why not try something healthy like Amla Murabba. 

1. Amla Murabba

How about making some sour amla pickles with a tinge of spice to it?

2. Amla Achar

You can easily pair this chutney  with dosas and chillas anytime giving them a healthy partner. 

3. Amla Chutney

Mix raw mango pieces with amla and make this super healthy and tangy rice at home. 

4. Amla RIce

Amla candy can be your immunity booster on the go anytime anywhere. 

5. Amla Candy

Who does not love laddoos? So why not try making healthy ones with amla. 

6. Amla Laddoo

Which of these have you tried and loved?