6 Historical Places You Must-Visit In Karnataka

India's southwestern state Karnataka is known as 'One state, many world'. 

This is because the state is blessed with bountiful beaches, enchanting temples, lush greenery and mesmerising historical spots. 

Here are some historical places you must visit. 

1. Hampi The city is known as the 'City of Ruins' and is the most important historical places in Karnataka. 

2. Bijapur This city houses the most well-known historical monuments of the state. 

credits: wikimedia commons

3. Halebidu Marvel at the Hoysala architecture and other historical temples here. 

credits: flickr

4. Mysore This is one of the most iconic cities in the state and is known as the city of palaces. 

5. Shimoga It is known as the city of ancient dynasty and rulers. 

credits: wikimedia commons

6. Bidar This city has been the center of many ancient rulers and their kingdoms. 

credits: wikimedia commons