6 Hot Toddy Variations To Keep You Warm Ahead Of Chilly Nights

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Hot Toddy Drinks

Hot toddies are a delightful and warming beverage, perfect for cold evenings.

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Hot Toddy Variations?

Here are some enticing variations to elevate your hot toddy experience:

1. Spiced Apple Hot Toddy

Warm apple brandy, cinnamon syrup, and a hint of lemon juice blended with hot apple cider to capture the essence of autumn.

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2. Gingerbread Hot Toddy

Embrace the festive spirit with spiced rum, molasses, and fresh lemon juice in hot ginger tea

3. Maple Bourbon Toddy

A rich and indulgent variation featuring bourbon, maple syrup, fresh orange juice, and hot black tea.

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4. Chai-Spiced Toddy

Infuse dark rum with the bold flavours of chai tea concentrate, honey, and hot water.

5. Cranberry Orange Toddy

Combine cranberry-infused vodka, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, and hot cranberry juice.

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6. Vanilla Almond Toddy

Sip on the smooth blend of amaretto, vanilla liqueur, fresh lime juice, and hot almond milk to create a nutty and comforting finish.

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These hot toddy variations offer a spectrum of flavors to suit every palate, making chilly nights much cozier.

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