6 Indian Cocktails You Must Try

Today, March 24 is celebrated as National cocktail day. 

Why not be your own bartender or walk into a bar that serves Indian cocktails. 

Have you tried Indian cocktails, if not, here are some you must try. 

1. Indian Vodka Mojito  It is one of the most flavourful cocktails. 

2. Lassi With A Twist You all must have tried lassi, how about adding a twist of rum to it. Try!

credits: Pxhere

3. Indian Gin Cocktail This drink has mixed flavours of Indian gin with cinnamon syrup and nutmeg. 

4. Tamarind Margarita Having a bad day? All you need is a tamarind cocktail. 

5. Indian Cosmopolitan Try this drink and I am sure you will fall for its amazing flavours. 

6. Indian Rose Cocktail Being a true Indian, how can you not be obsessed with the flavour of rose, even in cocktails.