6 Indian States And Their Different Styles Of Tea

We Indians love tea! You will find more tea lovers compared to coffee in India!

There are some states in India which have their own speciality in tea!

1. Kahwa, Jammu & Kashmir Kashmiri Kahwa leaves are boiled with cardamom and cinnamon.  

2. Gur Gur Chai, Sikkim This tea is made with butter, salt and tea leaves. 

3. Sulaimani Chai., Kerala This tea is served without milk and is often after celebratory or heavy meals. 

4. Lebu Chai, West Bengal It is black tea with the zesty lemon punch. 

5. Irani Tea, Maharashtra Mumbaikars and Punekars love this chai when combined with bun maska!

6. Irani Tea, Hyderabad This version has khoya, mawa and spices in it giving it a rich taste. 

Which of these have you tried?