Find Out What These 6 Popular Airline Logos Mean!

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Names may be uninteresting, but logos definitely aren’t.

What’s In A Logo?

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Here are six popular airline logos and what they mean.

List Of Logos & Their Meaning

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The colours resemble those of the American flag and the logo resembles their national bird, bald eagle.

1. American Airlines

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Their unique star represents the boundless universe, excellence and simplicity.

2. Vistara

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The Arabian Oryx in Qatar Airways’s logo is the national animal of the country.

3. Qatar Airways

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This particular airline’s logo is an emblem of a headgear worn in traditional Thai dance & represents its culture.

4. Thai Airways

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The crown in this Dutch airline showcases its regal heritage.

5. KLM

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It represents the koru symbol that is common in Maori art.

6. Air New Zealand

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Which of these did you find most fascinating?

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