6 Most Stylish Cabin Crew Uniforms In The World

Image Credits: Instagram/Hainan Airlines

Image Credits: Unsplash

Each airline has its own unique uniform design that reflects its brand identity and cultural influences.

Image Credits: Unsplash

Cabin crew uniforms in recent years have become iconic and very much represent the face of the airline.

Image Credits: Unsplash

1. Air France  The cabin crew uniforms are designed by French fashion designer Christian Lacroix. Female crew members wear a chic navu blue ensemble while male crew members wear a navy blue suit.

Image Credits: Unsplash

Image Credit: Website/Hainan Airlines

2. Hainan Airlines One of the most stylish and stunning cabin crew uniforms of all time. It was designed by Laurence Xu and combines traditional Chinese imagery with contemporary design.

Image Credit: Website/Etihad Airlines

3. Etihad Airways The uniform was designed by Italian fashion designer Ettore Bilotta and reflects the airline's luxurious and modern image. 

Image Credit: Website/Oman AIrways

4. Oman Air The latest uniform is sophisticated and elegant, and the turquoise color represents the sea of Oman.

Image Credit: Website/Singapore Airlines

5. Singapore Airlines The crew wear the iconic sarong kebaya, reflecting the culture of the country. 

Image Credit: Website/Emirates

6. Emirates The cabin crew wear a distinctive uniform. The female crew members wear a beige-colored suit with a red hat and scarf, while male crew members wear a beige suit with a red tie.

Image Credit: Website/Qantas

Which of these cabin crew uniforms do you like?