6 Odia Tribal Handicrafts To Know About

All Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Odisha Crafts

Odisha is a land of vibrant culture and rich heritage. Among its many treasures lie the exquisite handicrafts crafted by the state's tribal communities.

Explore These Handicrafts

They not only showcase their artistic prowess but also narrate tales of their cultural identity and way of life.

1. Dokra Art

Dokra art, also known as bell metal craft, stands as a testament to the ancient metal casting techniques practised by Odisha's tribal communities.

2. Pattachitra Painting

With each stroke of the brush, artisans breathe life into their narratives

3. Saura Art

Saura art has a long history, deeply rooted in the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the Saura tribe.

4. Silver Work

Odisha's silver and filigree work particularly are unique examples of artistic excellence

5. Golden Grass

In Odisha, golden grass is used to make table mats, hand fans, and baskets.

6. Applique Art

Pipli's tailors create highly sought-after appliqué pieces.

Which of these tribal handicrafts do you like most?