6 Rainforests In India That Will Give You An Enchanting Experience This Monsoon

A rainforest is characterised by tall, largely evergreen trees and heavy rainfall. 

Rainforests tends to receive rainfall between 2.5 to 4.5 metres.

If you love wildlife or are a nature enthusiast, make sure you visit these rainforests. 

1. Odisha semi-evergreen forests Despite not being an ecoregion with a high level of biodiversity or an endangered species, Orissa's evergreen woods are still home to enormous creatures.

2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands  Boasting of a large variety of flora and fauna species, the woods also provide amazing hiking and trekking opportunities. 

3. Brahmaputra Valley Semi-Evergreen Forests These forests are regarded as the most fertile locations in India since this valley has the most alluvial soil in the entire nation. 

4. Assam The rainforests in the Assam region are characterized by low-lying hills that have a dense forest cover throughout the year and an average height of 900 meters.

5. North Western Ghats Moist Deciduous Forests Beginning in southwest Maharashtra, the lush and dense forest cover spreads into South India's Karnataka and Kerala.

6. South Western Ghats Moist Deciduous Forests The South Ghats are renowned for being the Deccan peninsula's most endemic and species-rich regions.