6 Souvenirs To Bring From Sri Lanka's Galle

All Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Sri Lanka's Galle

Galle is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, stunning colonial architecture, and vibrant atmosphere.

What To Bring Back?

When visiting Galle, Sri Lanka, there are several unique souvenirs you can bring back home to remember your trip.

1. Handicrafts

Galle is known for its skilled artisans who produce a variety of handicrafts including wooden masks, handwoven textiles such as batik, lacework, and handloom textiles.

2. Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka is renowned for its tea, and you can find a wide range of high-quality Ceylon teas in Galle.

3. Spices

You can find a variety of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and pepper in local markets and shops.

4. Jewellery

Galle has numerous jewelry shops where you can find exquisite pieces made with locally sourced gems.

5. Antiques

You can find antique furniture, brassware, coins, and other collectibles

6. Ayurvedic Products

Sri Lanka has a long tradition of Ayurveda, and you can find a variety of Ayurvedic products such as herbal oils, soaps

So, have you visited Galle before?