6 Types Of Regional Cuisines To Try In Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a beautiful state in  western India. 

The cuisine of Maharashtra is known for its unique flavour and differs from region to region. 

Here are 6 different and famous regional cuisines of Maharashtra which you must try. 

1. Kolhapuri cuisine This regional cuisine of Maharashtra is known for its spicy delicacies and onion-garlic chutney. 

2. Deshashtha The curries prepared here are dominated by spices and people here use their own Goda Masala. 

3. Khandeshi This regional cuisine is known to be the most spicy in Maharashtra as it uses kala masala. 

4. Varadi In this cuisine you will find the perfect balance between spices, coconut and besan. 

5. Malwani Malwani cuisine is typically known for its spices and seafood. 

6. Vidarbhi  In vidarbhi cuisine you will find extensive use of dried mango powder and red chilli powder.