7 Chips From The Middle East That Are Irresistibly Addictive

1. Arabic Aladin Chips

 Rich, cheesy flavour with a hint of traditional Arabic spices.

Crunchy chips with a smoky, barbecue flavour

2. Safari Chips

3. Sohar

Savoury and slightly tangy, with a rich, spiced profile

4. Chips Oman

Spicy, bold, and intensely flavourful, a true local favourite

Lightly salted with a subtle, herby undertone.

5. Raja

Crispy chips with a mild, cheesy taste.

6. Majid Crispy

Fluffy corn puffs with a spicy, cheesy kick.

7. Pofak Oman

Crunchy corn snacks with a sweet and salty balance.

8.. Corn Cones

Which snack will you choose?