7 Countries To Avoid In This New Wave Of COVID-19

December 26, 2022

It just won’t go away! This COVID-19 curse is clingier than your needy ex!

Here are 7 countries to avoid in the light of rising COVID-19 cases

1. Brazil Not even the country with the most iconic Jesus statue is saved. Brazil has  been experiencing a recent hike in COVID-19 cases.

2. China After the recent ease of COVID-19 restriction norms, China is experiencing a steady rise in Covid cases again.

3. France More than 10 lakh  new cases have been reported in the last 28 days in France.

4. Germany The country has reported more than 40 thousand cases in the last few days.

5. Japan Japan has been reporting more than two lakh cases every day, its highest since august 25. 

6. South Korean With more than 68 thousand new cases on Christmas alone, SK has been reporting a steady rise in cases over the past few weeks.

7. USA More than 15 lakh cases reported in the last 28 days. The American dream is turning into a nightmare.

Image Credits: Unsplash