7 Desi Wines You Gotta Try

1. Rhythm Strawberry Wine This delicious wine is ideal for afternoon gatherings because of its pleasing pink tint and well-balanced acidity.

2. Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco  This wine derives its structure from red wine but tastes crisp like white wine. 

3. Sula Shiraz Cabarnet This red wines has a smooth structure and is medium-boiled. 

4. KRSMA Cabarnet Sauvignon The taste of this wine has beautiful undertones of mocha and dark cocoa. 

5. Myra Vineyards Misfit This wine offers a very buoyant flavour which makes it the perfect choice to serve with seafood. 

6. Vallonne Vineyards Merlot Reserve This is a full bodied wine serving plush texture. 

7. Saino Red Wine This red wine has a beautiful and exquisite structure as it is fermented with grape skin.