7 Indian Food Podcasts You Should Listen To If You Call Yourself A Foodie

Food podcasts have an amazing appeal all thanks to the hosts and their way of expressing. 

Check out!

This podcast is by a 17 year old baker who invites chefs, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and more.  On: Spotify

1. Food From Here & There

Agarwal and Gupta pick a subject for example, monsoon snacks and delve deeply into  the science, history, and relevance to everyday life. On: Spotify

2. Getting lost with Archit & Shirin

With a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek tone, the podcast examines the rich history and legacy of India by focusing on one dish or ingredient at a time. On: Spotify and Apple

3. Naan Curry with Sadaf & Archit

This podcast helps you cook delicious food at home without having to watch any cooking videos.  On: Spotify and Audible

4. The Tastes Of India

Know more about the long lost recipes and ingredients of Indian cuisine.  On: Spotify

5. Welcome To Foodies World

Through a motley crew of guests, the podcast offers you an incisive look into the food industry and presents a wide spectrum of perspectives. On: Spotify

6. This Round Is On Me

A variety of special guests join Chang and Ying each week as they prepare, consume, and talk about a featured ingredient. On: Spotify

7. Recipe Book

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