7 Fuel Up For The Day With These 8 Arabic Delights For Suhoor


1. Kashk

It is typically made from fermented yogurt or whey, which is then dried and processed into a powder or paste form

A strained yogurt cheese rich in probiotics, commonly enjoyed as a spread or dip.

2. Labneh

 fermented dairy product similar to yogurt but with a thinner consistency and tangier taste, packed with probiotics.

3. Kefir

A variety of pickled vegetables and fruits popular in Middle Eastern cuisine, providing both flavor and probiotic benefits.

4. Torshi

Fermented olives are a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine and contain probiotics along with other health benefits

5. Fermented Olives

While not exclusive to Middle Eastern cuisine, yogurt is commonly consumed in the region and is a well-known source of probiotics.

6. Yogurt

A  yogurt-based beverage popular in Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries, offering probiotics in a refreshing drink

7. Turkish Ayran

A  classic Middle Eastern condiment, pickled turnips are fermented and provide probiotics along with a tangy flavour profile.

8. Pickled Turnips

Though more commonly associated with European cuisine, sauerkraut can also be found in Middle Eastern dishes and provides probiotic benefits.

9. Sauerkraut