7 Haunted Villages In India

1. Kuldhara Jaisalmer's abandoned village named Kuldhara is a haunted place that attracts tourists before sunset. No one dares to go closer to this quaint village after sunset.

2. Dumas Beach Gujarat's Dumas Beach is only for the brave-hearted ones. Locals believe that this was a cremation ground and the spirits still roam here because of their unfulfilled desires.

3. Shaniwar Wada Pune's Shaniwar Wada was built in 1730. It is said that Peshwa Narayanrao's spirits haunt the fort on every new moon.

4. Dhanuskodi Tamil Nadu's Dhanushkodi was destroyed by a cyclone on 22 December 1964. Over 1800 people died in the cyclonic in this abandoned village 

5. Mukesh Mills Mumbai's Mukesh Hills is another haunted place in Maharashtra. Many crew members have experienced haunted experiences here. In fact, many people are against working here because of all the spooky stories.

6. Dow Hill Dow Hill in Kurseong is known for all the haunted and horror tales of the locals living nearby. Many locals heard footsteps and laughter from the school and some even saw a headless boy in the dense forest.

7. Jatinga Known as the Valley of Death, Assam's Jatinga is a spooky place full of eerie experiences. So many birds fly into the village as the sun sets.