7 Health Benefits Of Puffed Rice

Puffed rice, also known as murmura are a puffed up grain which is commonly eaten as snack. 

Puffed rice is commonly used to make bhel, which is a favourite time-pass snack in India. Well, little did you know, this timepass snack has many health benefits.

1. Boosts Immunity Puffed rice are rich in anti-oxidants and minerals which helps boost immunity. 

2. Helps Digestion Puffed rice helps release digestive juices and thus helps in digestion.  

3. Helps Weight Loss This snack item is the best for hunger pangs and prevents you from overeating and thus helps in losing weight. 

4. Skin health This one is a bomb. Puffed rice helps you achieve radiant and spotless skin. 

5. Improves Bone Health Puffed rice are loaded with calcium and vitamin D which helps improve bone health. 

6. Normalises Blood Pressure Puffed rice has low sodium content which helps normalise blood pressure. 

7. Treats Constipation Puffed rice is known to relieve constipation as it is packed with fibre.