7 Heirloom Recipes Commonly Found In Middle East

Middle Eastern Recipes

These seven heirloom recipes offer a glimpse into the culinary legacy of the Middle East. 

Delectable semolina dessert drizzled with rose or orange blossom water.

1. Basbousa, Levant

Lamb in a savoury yogurt blend, reflecting Bedouin traditions and communal dining.

2. Mansaf, Jordan

Vine leaves filled with rice, pine nuts, and herbs, showcasing Levantine craftsmanship.

3. Dolma, Turkish

A kebab dish made of finely ground meat, bulgur, and aromatic spices.

4. Kebbeh, Lebanon

Hearty soup with lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, and a harmonious blend of spices.

5. Harira, Morocco

A vibrant salad blending fresh vegetables, crispy bread, and a zesty dressing.

6. Fattoush, Levantine

"Upside-down" one-pot wonder, layering rice, meat, and vegetables.

7. Maqluba, Palestine

These recipes are passed down through generations of Middle Eastern families.