7 Michelin Star Chefs Of India

Credits: Canva

1. Srijith Gopinathan Associating with Taj Hotel in San Francisco, he has held onto the Michelin status for 8 years.

Credits: Instagram/Srijith Gopinathan

2. Sriram Aylar His restaurant, Quilon, got its Michelin star in 2008 and held on it for 14 years.


3. Vikas Khanna After working at a Michelin-star restaurant, he went on to open his own restaurant Junoon, in NYC. This restaurant has received 6 stars to date.

Credits: Instagram/Vikas Khanna

4. Atul Kochar He became the first Indian whose restaurant, Tamarind, received a Michelin star in the year 2001.

Credits: Instagram/Atul Kochar

5. Vineet Bhatia Opened in 1999, his restaurant Zaika got its first Michelin star in 2001.

Credits: Instagram/Vineet Bhatia

6. Garima Arora Gaa in Thailand got its first Michelin star in 2018, making her the first Indian woman to have this honour.

Credits: Instagram/Garima Arora

7. Alfred Prasad The youngest Indian to receive this honour, he had held onto this accolade for 13 years.

Credits: Instagram/Alfred Prasad