7 Must-Visit Cities In Karnataka For Every Foodie

Karnataka is surely one of the most underrated paradises for foodies. 

Underrated Paradise

Visit this city to relish traditional Udupi cuisine and many other dishes like Goli baje, buns and more. 

1. Udupi

The city's unique culture and famous non-vegetarian gravies with Neer dosa is something you cannot miss. 

2. Mangalore

The capital city offers a plethora of dishes from Chow Chow Bath to Bisi Bele Bath and more specialities of the south. 

3. Bangalore

From Uttapam to Mysore Pak, the cultural capital will make your stomach the happiest!

4. Mysore

Bijapur is known for its meals especially bhakri or roti meals. 

5. Bijapur

If you have a sweet tooth, Belgavi surely has the best sweet delicacies for you!

6. Belgavi

This coffee capital is not only known for its aromatic coffee but also its sea food dishes. 

7. Coorg

Which is your favourite south Indian delicacy?