7 Must-Visit Festivals In Bhutan To Celebrate Its Rich Culture

Image Courtesy: Canva

Image Courtesy: Canva

Bhutan Festivals

The Department of Tourism in Bhutan has declared that the nation's holiday season has begun. Here are the festivals which you should definitely attend!

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1. Black-Necked Crane Festival

Held in Gangtey valley, the occasion commemorates the beautiful black-necked cranes' return to Bhutan. When: 11th November, 2023

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2. Bhutan Bird Festival

The three-day bird festival is an intriguing occasion that aims to boost the local economy and encourage birdwatching. When: 13th to 15th November, 2023

Image Courtesy: Department of Tourism, Bhutan/ Facebook

3. Druk Wangyel Tshechu

The celebration features a number of religious dances that recount the valour of the Royal Bhutan Army. When: 13th December, 2023

Image Courtesy: Punakha Dzongkhag Administration/ Website

4. Punakha Dromche

It is the only celebration in the nation that vividly portrays a fight against the Tibetan army from the 17th century. When: 16th to 18th February, 2024

Image Courtesy: Department of Tourism, Bhutan/ Facebook

5. Rhododendron Festival

Commencing the start of the spring season, the two-day rhododendron event is an enjoyable occasion. When: 13th - 14th April, 2024

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6. Paro Tshechu

The festival's major attraction is the unveiling of Guru Rinpoche's enormous needlework, which shows the eight incarnations of the spiritual master. When: 21st - 25th March, 2024

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7. Punakha Tshechu

The tshechu will include traditional Bhutanese folk dances as well as a variety of mask dances, or "cham." When: 19th to 21st February, 2024

Experience the rich culture of Bhutan by visiting these festivals!

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