7 Papad Dishes You Must Try

Papads are an inevitable part of Indian thali. But have yopu tried experimenting with it?


You must have tried many parathas but this one will surely win your heart. Crush papads and add it to the dough of paratha! Rest you know.

1. Papad Paratha

Love tacos? Try making them at home with papad. Trust us, they taste yum!

2. Papad Taco

While cooking sabzi, add pieces of fried papad into it and let it turn nice and soggy. 

3. Papad Sabzi

Papad gravy, sounds weird? tastes amazing! Make dahi gravy and then just before you dive into it, add crushed fried papad pieces. 

4. Papad Gravy

Make papad rolls with potato sabzi as stuffing. Enjoy this crunchy quick to make snack on evenings when cooking seems boring. 

5. Papad Rolls

Love chaat? Try adding crunchy punch of fried papad into it and enjoy the surprising flavour. 

6. Papad Chaat

Add a crunchy and flavourful texture to your raita by crushing fried papad into pieces and adding it to the raita. 

7. Papad Raita

Which of these have you already tried?