7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Lunch

Many a times due to some urgent work at workplace or even at home and sometimes due to weird diets we skip our lunch, but is that a good idea?

1. Lunch helps you to stay productive throughout afternoon and have a relaxed evening. 

2. Skipping lunch or any meal for that matter can lower your blood sugar level. 

3. It will affect your ability to concentrate and mood. 

4. Regularly skipping lunch can have adverse effects on your metabolism. 

5. Skipping lunch and having a heavy dinner instead can delay the response of insulin and lead to diabetes. 

6. Acidity is one of the biggest results of skipping lunch. 

7. Skipping lunch means you will over eat your dinner, which is completely wrong. 

If you ever happen to skip your lunch make sure you compensate that with buttermilk, coconut water or fruit juice!