7 Scenic Bus Rides In India You Should Not Miss

Some memories stay etched in your heart and these bus rides wiill surely give you tha!

Memorable bus rides

While travelling from Shimla to Manali in a bus you will witness some beautiful snow capped mountains, beautiful houses and more on the way. 

1. Shimla To Manali

The scenic beauty as you travel from Mumbai to Goa is surely going to take your breath away. 

2. Mumbai To Goa

Remember Kareena kapoor's song from 'Jab we met'? Well, thats the same scenic route!

3. Manali To Leh

With curvy roads that take you to a green paradise, Bengaluru to Ooty bus ride will surely be etched in your memories. 

4. Bengaluru To Ooty

This bus ride will make you fall in love with the picturesque sand dunes. 

5. Jaipur To Jaisalmer

This bus ride will bless your eyes with some pristine beaches and also beautiful tea gardens.

6. Chennai To Munnar

Witness the beauty of north east on this bus ride. 

7. Guwahati To Tawang

Which of these bus rides have you been on?