7 Spots In Riyadh Every Culture Seeker Should Visit RN!

Immerse yourself in vibrant local culture at Riyadh's bustling camel market. 

1. Souq Al Jimal

2. Thumairi Gate

Step through history at this iconic gateway to Riyadh's ancient city.

Experience contemporary art in a chic and modern setting.

3. Naila Art Gallery

Marvel at the stunning architecture of this historic place of worship.

4. Al Dawasir Mosque

Discover cutting-edge art exhibitions in this sleek, contemporary space

5. Mono Gallery

Explore the heart of Saudi heritage at this historic fortress in Riyadh

6. Al Masmak Fortress

Wander through the birthplace of the Saudi state and its rich history.

7. Diriyah

Enjoy a dazzling display of light and art in this city-wide annual festival.

8. Noor Riyadh

Get started on your cultural journey!