7 Temples In Karnataka That Together Form The Parshurama Kshetra

In Dakshina, Karnataka, Maharshi Parshuram is credited with founding seven temples that together are referred to as Parashurama Kshetra.

Parashurama Kshetra

This temple is dedicated to Lord Karthikeya who is worshipped as the lord of serpents here. 

1. Kukke Shree Subhramanya Temple

Krishna Matha in Udupi is one of the most well-known historic temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. 

2. Krishna Matha, Udupi

This temple in Kumbashi is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. 

3. Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Devasthana

This temple in Koteshwar is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is believed that Lord Shiva came here once. 

4. Kotilingeshwar Temple

This temple has a linga which is said to be the confluence of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. 

5. Sri Shankarnarayana Temple

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Mookambika who is said to be the goddess of emotional power and strength. 

6. Kollur Mookambika Temple

Situated on the banks of the Arabian sea, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

7. Mahabaleshwar Temple, Gokarna

How many of these temples have you visited?