7 Things You Must Do In Madhya Pradesh 

Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, is that one state in India that offers you the most diverse experiences. 

Here are some of the experiences that you should not miss here. 

1. Wildlife From wildlife sanctuaries to national parks to tiger reserves, MP is blessed with an abundance of wildlife. 

2. Water Sports Hanuwantiya Island in MP is known for providing the most thrilling and adventurous experience with a variety of water sports.

3. Cable Car Ride Experience the thrill of sitting in a cable car and floating in air above the majestic Dhuandhar falls. 

4. Explore Gwalior Fort Explore the beauty and grandeur of the Gwalior fort. 

5. Sailing Go sailing and witness the beauty of marble rocks in Bhedaghat.

6. Afghan Architecture In Mandu Mandu or Mandav is an ancient fort city in MP and you can witness the grandeur of afghan architecture here.

7. Food spree Do not miss the delectable delicacies that the streets of MP offer, especially Indore and Bhopal.