7 Tips For Sound Sleep On Long-Haul Flights

Sound sleep is something that every person wants, but on long-haul flights getting that be a huge task. 

Sound Sleep

Taking a neck pillow with you is the most essential thing in long-haul flights. It helps you to sleep well. 

1. Neck Pillow

In order to keep lights away, make sure you use an eye mask. 

2. Eye Mask

Wearing comfortable clothes actually does help in long-haul flights. Plus it will not restrict your movement in anyway while sleeping. 

3. Comfortable clothes

Try a little meditation to calm yourself which will eventually result in a sound sleep. 

4. Meditation

Carry a little essential oil with you so that you can smell it for some aromatherapy!

5. Essential oils

The biggest distraction these days is electronic devices, so make sure you switch them off. 

6. Electronic Devices

Make sure you drink water and hydrate yourself well. 

7. Hydration

Have a sound sleep!