7 Tips To Help You Make Perfect Rotis

It is the dream of many people to make the perfect soft round rotis. Well, you can too but only if you avoid these mistakes. 

Perfect roti

You might think that all wheat flour are the same, no they are not! Ask people who frequently make chapatis for best recommendation. 

1. Right flour

Using cold water to knead the dough will never make your chapatis soft. Always use lukewarm or warm water. 

2. Warm water

If you want your chapatis to be soft, make sure you add little oil while kneading the dough. 

3. Add oil

Make sure you keep the dough to rest for at least 15-20 mins before making chapatis. 

4. Dough needs rest

Make sure that you roll chapatis evenly from all the sides. 

5. Roll evenly

Make sure that you cover the dough with muslin cloth when you let it rest. 

6. Cover the dough

The flame has to be medium always so that you can make soft chapatis. 

7. Medium flame

Let us know if you use these tips!