7 Traditional Dishes South India Feasts On During Easter

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This Easter you have to indulge in delish traditional South Indian dishes during this Catholic festival, Easter.

Traditional South Indian Dishes To Devour

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This is a flavourful mutton curry Easter dish of Tamil Nadu which is paired with idli.

1. Mutton Thanni Kuzhambu

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This is Kerala’s sweet dish made with tender coconut flesh, coconut water and condensed milk.

2. Tender Coconut Pudding

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Bhokache Vada is very similar to medu vada and it is made with urad dal flour, rice flour and maida.

3. Bhokache Varias

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It is a very cute egg-shaped sweet dish made with egg whites, sugar, rose water and almonds and then decorated with icing.

4. Marzipan Easter Eggs

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This is a Anglo-Indian popular dish for Easter made with spicy minced meat koftas paired with yummy Coconut Yellow Rice.

5. Ball Curry and Coconut Yellow Rice

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Sorpotel is a curry prepared with meat and offal and Sanna is soft and sweet bread.

6. Sorpotel and Sanna

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It is a prawn pie made with prawn balchao and overnight-soaked rice is a delight to have.

7. Apa De Camarao

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Happy Easter!

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