8 Animal Watching Destinations In UAE For Kids

200 types of animals, including mammals, reptiles, and birds, may be found at the Al Ain Zoo.

Desert animals can be observed at the Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Center.

Watch  200 species of migratory birds at Al Watbha Wetland Reserve. 

Ras Al-Khor sanctuary consists bird, crustaceans,migratory birds and few other mammals.

There are 3000 species of wildlife, plants, and animals on the Green Planet.

A 90-minute tour featuring falcon training, bird battles, and veterinarian demonstrations at Falcon Hospital.

Sea Lion Point best aquatic adventure waterpark where you can cuddle sea lions.

These extraordinary spots give you a sneak peak in the wildlife of UAE.

Apart from wildlife, the flora and fauna found in UAE is also worth exploring.