8 Benefits Of Eating Basil Leaf Early Morning Everday

Here is why you should consume basil leaf or tulsi early morning on empty stomach. 

1. Digestion Consuming basil leaf early morning helps promote digestion. 

2. Cures cold Basil leaves have anti-microbial properties that help in curing common cold. 

3. Boosts Immunity Basil is rich in anti-oxidants which helps boost immunity in the body. 

4. Weight loss Tulsi or basil leaves help in flushing out toxins from your body which in turn aids weight loss. 

5. Stress It helps blood circulation and relaxation of nervous system which helps reducing stress. 

6. Regulates blood sugar Tulsi helps in the functioning of pancreatic cells which helps lower blood sugar levels. 

7. Bad breath Consuming tulsi or basil leaf early morning helps fight bad breath. 

8. Skin It gives you clear skin as it detoxifies your body.