8 Best Cocktails To Keep Body Warm This Winter 

1.Hot Toddy: This classy infusion of whisky, hot water, honey and cinnamon can warm up your body.

2. Mulled Wine: The piping-hot wine infused with aromatic spices can be the best winter treat.

3. Rum-Infused Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate is the ultimate winter delight, and nothing can be better when it is infused with rum.

4. Irish Coffee: This is a concoction of Irish whisky, coffee and brown sugar.

5. Brown Sugar Old-Fashioned: Feel extra warm this winter with the magical blend of brown sugar and bourbon whisky.

6. Spanish Coffee: It contains kahlua and dark rum.

7. Irish Mule: It blends ginger beer and irish whisky.

8. Hot Buttered Rum: Grab a glass of this magical blend of brown sugar, rum, butter and cinnamon sticks.

Find out which restaurants and pubs in your city are offering these cocktails.

Winter is the best time to relish these cocktails.