8 Best Summer  Coolers To Have In Delhi This Season

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Best Summer Coolers In Delhi

As summer peaks in Delhi, we have  listed 8 cool beverages that are an absolute must-have this season. 

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1. Mohabbat Ka Sharbat

Mohabbat Ka Sharbat is a popular summer drink served near Jama Masjid. It is made with milk, water, Roohafza, ice, and watermelon - basically, all summer essentials in a glass!

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2. Banta

Banta, goli soda, or kanche wali bottle - this drink is a summer must-have in Delhi. You can find them everywhere during this hot season and it offers a refreshing relief from hot Delhi summers. 

Credits: Facebook/Meri Rasoi - My Indian Kitchen

3. Lime Ice Cream Soda 

Ice cream sodas are one of the best summer coolers! You can try Nirula’s Lime Ice Cream Soda to beat the heat this season. 

Credits: Nirula’s

4. Shikanji

You’ll find numerous street-side stalls offering shikanji or masala lemonade in Delhi during the summers. Made with lemon, salt, sugar, cumin, and water - it is a refreshing beverage in summer. 

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5. Lassi

You can never go wrong with a tall glass of thick lassi in Delhi’s summer. You’d find some of the best lassis in the city at Meghraj & Sons, Bille Di Hatti, Baba Nagpal Corner, and Amritsari Lassi Wala. 

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6. Shakes 

Cool, thick shake to beat Delhi’s hot weather? Absolutely! Head to Diggin or Big Chill Cafe and you’ll get a wide range of shakes to refresh yourself! 

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7. Kanji Vada 

Tucked in the dusty lanes of Old Delhi, Shri Shyam Kanji Corner is a tiny stall that offers delicious and refreshing  kanji vada. It is the ultimate summer cooler in Delhi! 

Credits: YouTube/INDIA EAT MANIA

8. Bael Ka Sharbat

You’ll find this one at every juice corner in Delhi during summer and it is great  to beat the heat as well as improve  your gut health! 

Credits: Canva