8 Crazy Superstitions Related To Food In India

It is believed that one should not borrow milk after its dark. It brings bad omen. 

1. Borrowing milk

A salt should never be stored in an open container as it tends to absorb negative energy. 

2. Storing Salt

It is believed that one must eat basil leaves during eclipse to ward off negativity and keep onself safe. 

3. Eating Basil Leaves

Red chillies are used to ward off any evil energy from a person. 

4. Using Red chilli

It is believed that you must have atleast a tablespoon of curd with sugar while setting out for an important task like exam or metting. 

5. Eating curd & sugar

Lemon and chilli is hanged outside the house to ward off any evil energy. 

6. Using lemon & chilli

Breaking coconut is an age old tradition in India which brings good luck. 

7. Coconut breaking

It is believed that one must break the entire shell into pieces because evil energies tend to reside in them if left so

8. Breaking egg shells

Which is the strangest superstition related to food that you know?