8 Fascinating Facts About The Indian Ocean

It is World Ocean Day on June 8. Lets talk about the third largest oceanic divide in the world!

1. The Indian ocean occupies about 20% of the earth's surface. 

2. The easternmost part of the Indian ocean is home to the highest population of marine species. 

3. It is the major migration route for many creatures like humpback whales, Christmas island red crabs and more. 

4. Talk about global tuna catch and you will see that Indian ocean contributes to 21% of it. 

5. Indian ocean sustains the economy of most of the countries bordering it due to tourism. 

6.  30% of the world's coral reef cover is found here. 

7. The ocean is endangered because of our over dependency on fossil fuels. 

8. This ocean is famous for its unpredictable weather patterns.