8 Forts In South India That Every History Buff Should Visit

This beautiful fort is standing strong since the last 800 years. 

1. Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

It dates to the fifth century, and Pulakesi, the second, is credited with construction.

2. Badami Fort, Karnataka

When discussing the Anglo-Mysore war, it is vital to note the significance of this fort during the time.

3. Anjengo Fort & Lighthouse, Kerala

In this fort, the British imprisoned Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian freedom war.

4. Belgaum Fort, Karnataka

Both the family of Tipu Sultan and the very last ruler of Sri Lanka were imprisoned here while the British ruled the country.

5. Vellore Fort, Tamil Nadu

This is one of those few forts in South India that never faced any shortage of water. 

6. Chitradurga Fort, Karnataka

Vijayanagara emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya spent his childhood here. 

7. Chandragiri Fort, Andhra Pradesh

It was commissioned by The Queen Chennabhaira Devi of Gersoppa.

8. Mirjan Fort, Karnataka

Which ones have you visited?