9 Fruits And Veggies To Add In Your DIY Face Mask

1. Potatoes Potatoes have minerals that help you get rid of dark spots.

2. Cucumbers Cucumbers are famously good for skin, they hydrate and cool your skin and are a great natural bleaching agent.

3. Tomatoes Tomatoes help in lightening and softening your skin, and removing wrinkles.

4. Carrots Carrots are great in reducing blackheads and removing acne.

5. Oranges Oranges are a great cleansing agent and they help tone your skin.

6. Bananas Bananas are  an excellent exfoliant and since they are available year round, they're accessible as well.

7. Strawberries Great for oily skin, strawberries help in reducing acne.

8. Beetroots Adding beetroots to your face mask will add a colour to your skin and will make it look naturally flushed.

9. Papaya Papaya is an excellent cleanser and its benefits to skin are commonly known.