8 Health Benefits Of Eating Frozen Yoghurt

Today is National Frozen Yogurt Day and England had invented this yummy food item!

1. Boosts Immunity Adding frozen yogurt to your diet can help you boost your body's immunity. 

2. Heals Infection Eating a small bowl of frozen yogurt daily can help you heal vaginal yeast infection. 

3. Source of protein Frozen yogurts are a great source of protein and hence must be a part of your diet. 

4. Lowers cholesterol Frozen yogurt can lower high cholesterol level in the body. 

5. Bone health Frozen Yogurt is a rich source of calcium and helps improving bone health. 

6. Intestinal health Having a small bowl of frozen yogurt can help you cure indigestion or bad intestinal health. 

7. Prevents cancer Frozen yogurt helps in preventing colon cancer. 

8. Easier to digest It is said that frozen yogurt is easier to digest than milk.