8 Indian Pickles To Make At Home This Summer

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Indian cuisine is incomplete without the pickles. Here are some you can make at home this summer!

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Indian Pickles

Mango pickle is a classic Indian pickle recipe to make.

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1. Raw Mango Pickle

Amla is beneficial for health and its pickles are very tasty!

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2. Amla Pickle

Green chilli pickle will add spice to your meal.

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3. Green Chilli Pickle

Raw karonda tastes sour and is perfect for making pickles.

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4. Karonda Pickle

It is another pickle consumed in most Indian households.

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5. Lemon Pickle

This Indian version of pickle is a flavourful blend of spices.

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6. Carrot Pickle

Even if you don’t like karela, you won’t be able to resist its pickle!

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7. Karela Pickle

Red chilli pickle is easy to make and a must try!

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8. Red Chilli Pickle

Which of these pickles is your favourite?

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