8 Interesting Facts About Ladakh

With breathtaking views, Ladakh is one of the most beautiful union territories. Here are some facts about it. 

1. Lamayaru, a village in Ladakh looks like the exact replica of moon's surface. 

2. The world's highest natural ice rink is in Ladakh, Karzoo Ice Hockey Rink. 

3. If you blow a conch, you can call about 120 lamas in Ladakh. 

4. It is known as a land where gravity fails. (Magnetic hills)

5. It houses the world's highest bridge, Bailey bridge. 

6. One of the highest telescopes in the world, located at 4500 ft above sea level is in Ladakh. 

7. Bactarin camel or camel with two humps is very much common here!

8. Tibetan calendar is followed by the Ladakhis.