8 Museums In India That You Must Visit!

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1. Mayapuri Wonder Wax This museum has wax statues of important personalities of India. Location: Kanyakumari

Image Courtesy: Mayapuri Wonder Wax/ Facebook

2. Sulabh International Museum Of Toilet This museum is dedicated to the history of sanitisation and toilets. Location: Delhi

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3. National Rail Museum Here you will find rail models that were introduced in India. Location: Delhi

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4. Island Museum This place displays Buddhist, Palaeolithic and Neolithic artefacts discovered in archaeological excavations. Location: Hyderabad

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5. Indian Museum This is the ninth oldest museum and has a rare collection of antiques. Location: Kolkata

Image Courtesy: Indian Museum 

6. Albert Hall Museum This place is home to a collection of metal sculptures, paintings, carpets and coins. Location: Jaipur

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7. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya This place has a documented history of India. Location: Mumbai

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8. Salar Jung Museum This art museum is one of the notable museums in India. Location: Hyderabad

Image Courtesy: Salar Jung Museum/ Website

Have you visited any of them?

Image Courtesy: Canva