8 Must-Visit Hanuman Temples In India

Lord Hanuman is known as the God of wisdom and strength. 

1. Shree Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Temple, Salangpur, Gujarat This temple is famous for expelling evil spirits from people and end their sufferings. 

2. Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, Varanasi This is temple is known as the most holy Hanuman temple in India. 

3. Hanuman Temple, Connaught Place, Delhi This temple is one of the 5 Mahabharata's historical temples. 

4. Salasar Hanuman Temple, Salasar This the only Hanuman temple in India where the deity has a moustache and beard. 

5. Hanuman Mandir, Prayagraj This is the only Hanuman temple in India where the deity is in sleeping posture. 

6. Jakhoo Temple, Himachal Pradesh This temple is situated 8100 feet and houses a huge statue of the deity. 

7. Balaji Hanuman Temple, Mehendipur This temple is known to cure people affected by bad spirit. 

8. Yantrodharaka Hanumantha Temple, Hampi It is said that this temple is the place where Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman met for the first time.